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Integrated Film-Making Workshops.

Children will get a real taste of how a movie is put together in the film industry. We will break down the process into three workshops, which will combine together to make one film. Each session will focus on one area of the film making process to give children an introduction.

Workshop one: Script writing and Screenplay

In this workshop we will look at plot development, building characters, writing a script and dialogue. Children will create their own story and apply the principles they have learnt to make it into a great screenplay!

Workshop two: Art Direction

Students will use the script from the first workshop to design and create costumes. They will investigate and discuss props and also make the sets. This is a creative, hands on part of the process and lots of fun!

Workshop three: Acting and Filming

Students will work in two groups. One group will spend the first part of the workshop focusing on their acting skills while the other group will be story-boarding the script and learning about the technical aspects of filming.

In the second part of the workshop we will join the two groups to work together and shoot the movie.

Children will receive a copy of the final film on DVD, a link to the clip on a private youtube channel.


Workshops: Sunday 10am to 1pm,
Aprill 21st
May 12th
Jun: 2nd
Discovery College, Discovery Bay