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Kristy Yeo




Kristy is the founding member of Junior Snappers.  She has a long history in film productions specialising in television commercials.  She started her film career as a Producer with a British film Director in Singapore.  She was then recruited to Hong Kong by an Australian film production house.  She has extensive work experience filming worldwide.  She is adept at collaborating in a multi-cultural environment and nationality.

She has experienced besides producing commercials, as well as in photography, corporate, TV, documentary & music video. She is experienced in working with award winning Directors and cinematographers worldwide.  She has produced four award-winning television commercials during her career.

One of her strength lies in identifying and nurturing new talents in the industry.  She founded Junior Snappers in 2012 to share her passion of filmmaking with kids, recognising early on that it will be incorporated into the curriculum across most education institution as part of media studies.  She is currently venturing into sharing her knowledge in the film business to nurtured potential young talent, while facilitating overseas crew filming in Hong Kong and developing her own film project. The projects she has worked on in recent years include A taste of Hong Kong (Discovery TLC Chanel), Memory Games (Netflix), BJ: The Life and Times of Bosco and Jojo that has been selected for screening in four festivals in 2022 and Dragon Woman (feature doco). 

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