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Does my child requires previous experience?


Do we need to bring our own equipment?

No. All equipment will be provided. They need to bring along some personal belongings such as drinks, snacks, sunscreen, etc. A detailed list will be emailed to all parents.

Is there outdoor filming?

Yes. This is subjective to the story they create and weather permitting. This has been the most challenging as they will learned to improvised their ideas if they encounter obstacles.

Do we get a finished video of their film?

Yes. A finished video will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel 4 to 6 weeks after the workshop.

The children are of different age. Will the younger child struggle and the older child felt out of place?

We identified each child’s interests and their strength and let them choose the role they performed best. eg. the child best at storytelling regardless of age will be assigned the leading role of writer or director, a child whose interest is in photography will operate the camera, the child whose interest is in performing will be acting mostly, etc. At the same time, they will be encourage and given the opportunity to work on all the roles.

This encourage to develop a strong and social collaboration where the younger child learn from the older and the older serves as a role model. They learn and grow from interactions with their peers.

Junior Snappers