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Budding Young Film Makers

Do you love making films? Have you ever wondered how your favorite film was made? Do you like comedy, action, thrillers, and science fiction? Would you like to make your own film? Then this is the club for you!Our workshops and courses are exciting and fun. In our Science Fiction workshop last term children had the chance to dress up as an alien. In the Spy Thriller workshop they learnt how to make a film more exciting by adding folly sound.
Last term was our Greek Mythology film making course. We had lots of fun learning about camera angles and movements which we have included in our storyboards and filming. We made some excellent costumes and learnt a lot about working as a team. Plus we also really got to know the Greek classical story of Perseus and Medusa and the characters he encounters on his adventures! Get in touch!


To Parents

Our aim is to encourage children to actively engage with film at all levels. We offer workshops, parties and courses for children. We aim to encourage creativity, problem-solving, team working, and responsibility as well as giving them an incite into the process of film making. Our sessions are hands on, dynamic and interactive. We offer a safe, pedagogically sound environment which caters for multiple intelligences so that children can explore their imaginations, talents and social skills.

We want to give children the opportunity to engage with film on all levels. Together we explore genres in a fun and informative fashion through games and activities, we look at film clips and encourage children to talk about their film experiences. The aim is to provide some ideas and inspiration. With this basis the children are given a film making task which they must work together in groups to achieve. They are later asked to reflect on their experience to try and focus their attention on improvement and development. We aim each session to be something that children can take away and do at home.

Junior Snappers